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What are your firm's opening hours? Can I contact you during weekends?
  You can contact us every day, from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. Although we are often at the office at weekends due to the volume of work, it is more convenient to contact us on weekdays to ensure that you speak to the person most suitable to deal with your query.

I prefer personal contact. Can I visit your premises?
Of course. You can visit us from Monday to Friday during working hours. Please, call ahead so that we can set up an appointment.

If I assign a translation project to you, how much will it cost me? When will it be delivered?

Regular charging policy in the translation sector is by word or character (1 full computer page = 250 words or approximately 1,500 characters). You should also bear in mind that, on average, a translator "completes" 2,500 words per day. For larger projects, more time and/or more translators are required.

Therefore, the price is directly related to, and affected by the volume, language and difficulty of the project, as well as possible processing of the final product and the desired deadline.

We always try to offer quality services at competitive prices. Please, contact us or complete the relevant form so that we can present you with our best possible offer.

I have heard that freelance translators charge far less than translation firms. Why should I bring my business to you?

We agree. If you want a translation at the lowest possible cost, just to see what the content of the original text is, if there is some margin for error, or if you are certain of the quality of work of the individual you assign your project to, it may be better to take your business to a freelance translator.

However, if the translation project is an important one, particularly large, with no margin for error and with a strict deadline, then you are better advised to contact a translation firm, since they will offer greater organisation, more equipment and stricter quality control.

We represent a company/firm. We would like to work with you on a more regular basis - would this be possible?
If you are a potential customer who wishes to work with us on a series of projects, we will be pleased to discuss prices and conditions with you, taking into account the volume of the projects in question. Contact us directly or send us a request, providing us with all the necessary information.

If you represent a translation firm that wishes to assign certain projects to us, it will be our pleasure to inform you about the favourable prices and conditions we offer our associates in the translation sector. Contact us directly or send us a request, providing us with all the necessary information.

How can I send you the material to be translated?

We prefer receiving material in electronic format (Word, Excel, Power Point, graphic application files, etc) via e-mail. Where large files are concerned, we can make arrangements for you to upload them to our FTP server.

In the case of printed material, you can send us the text via fax or you may use a scanner to send it to us in compressed image format (.gif or .jpeg). In this case, please make sure that the texts or image files are as clear and legible as possible.

What are the criteria you use to select your translators?
  We mainly look for external associates with experience in translation, specialization in specific areas, and excellent PC and CAT tool skills. If you would like to work with us, please complete the relevant form and send us your CV.
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